Eclipse(PDT) 安装 aptana插件

官方安装方法 文件大小130MB
可以下载离线文件 然后在本地更新


在PDT的菜单Help---install net software---到这个界面 点击后面的ADD 上面是输入名字 随便写 下面输入URL 点确定。下一步


同意协议 点下一步就开始更新了 文件有点大 估计要点时间 2M的ADSL慢如蜗牛!


Installing via Eclipse
Please copy the following Update Site URL to your clipboard and then follow the steps listed below to add this URL to your Available Software Sites list. Attempting to access this URL using your web browser will return an Access Denied error.
From the Help menu, select Install New Software... to open the Install New Software dialog.
Paste the URL for the update site into the Work With text box, and hit the Enter (or Return) key.
In the populated table below, check the box next to the name of the plug-in, and then click the Next button.
Click the Next button to go to the license page.
Choose the option to accept the terms of the license agreement, and click the Finish button.
You may need to restart Eclipse to continue.


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